Structural Integration


Structural Integration focuses on the muscles’ protective layer, called fascia, and has the goal of identifying and releasing the restrictions that block the free flow of energy in the body. The fascia surrounds the muscles, bones and organs in the body, gives muscles their shape, and the body its structure. Structural integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the fascia. When restricted fascia is released and lengthened, the body can return to its structurally optimal position.

What is Myopractic® Therapy?
Myopractic® means “muscle practice” in Latin. Taking the twists out of the body and the knots out of the muscles, Myopractic® is a muscle therapy that refurbishes the body after stress, repetitive injuries, trauma, and surgery. Myopractic® offers deep relaxation, relieves chronic and recurring pain, increases mobility, and supports overall health and vitality.

How does Myopractic® Therapy work?
Myopractic® Therapy integrates Swedish massage, trigger points, Structural Integration, and myofascial release to form an integrated system. When combined with motion – passive, active, and rockin – and used at varying depths, its foundational techniques, such as compression stretching, clearing, and separating are flexible enough to achieve deep relaxation, spot therapy and full posture balancing and structural alignment.

How does it feel to receive Myopractic® Therapy?
The client will feel deeply relaxed. The therapist will go to the edge of discomfort during the medical massage, but not into pain. On the road to releasing the restrictions that cause discomfort, the client will discover surprisingly sensitive areas, which may be causing symptoms of the ailment being treated. Each client is unique. The amount of therapy needed will depend on the severity of the ailment and the health of the client.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial release allows the chronic inflammatory response to resolve and releases the tremendous pressure of myofascial restrictions exerted on pain-sensitive structures. By alleviating symptoms, myofascial releases allows the body’s natural healing capacity to function properly.


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